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    Off Grid Solar quotes are detailed and specific to each job. We offer a professional service and will beat any genuine written quote.


    It has to be the best. Off Grid Solar count on it. Our staff at Off Grid Solar are professional at what they do.


    Off Grid Solar recommend quality battery storage. While this may have a higher cost initially, there is a better ROI.

Off Grid Solar Melbourne

Good Outcomes Provided by a Professional Approach

Off Grid Solar Melbourne understand the requirements of business.

Our Advantage is :

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Solar Power Melbourne

Solar Power Melbourne try to do everything that others do not. A large number of solar companies only take the responsibility for the sale and the installation. Other support during the life of the system is kept a separate issue. We do not do this, and we look beyond the installation at future service needs of our customers.

  • Off Grid Solar power  Solutions Melbourne



    We optimize the performance of each solar system we install, our designs are created to ensure maximum aspect control of your array and we can recommend means to further optimize the systems.

  • Off Grid Solar power  Solutions Melbourne



    Our power optimizers are DC/DC converters [backed by software,] which are connected by our installers to each PV module or embedded by module manufacturers, replacing the traditional solar junction box.

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  • Off Grid Solar power Solutions Melbourne

    Maximising Customer Return


    Off Grid Solar Solution is a long term association with most of our clients. We monitor their power consumption [if they agree,] and offer advice regularly to maximise their power spend.

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To institute proceedings either leave your contact details in our fast fill contact form below or call us direct. We are more than happy to answer any of your questions and discuss different options available to you.

  • We will accurately calculate your potential savings with our energy consumption software
  • We can monitor your current energy consumption in bi-hourly intervals over multiple phases for a 2 week period to determine when and where your power is being used (this service is charged but refunded if you purchase a solar system through us)
  • We can determine the best possible installation position to gain maximum efficiency & savings
  • We can point out exactly how a solar system will directly improve your bottom line, productivity and easily pay for itself.
  • We can support you into the future, monitoring your power consumption recommending any adjustments required to your software and your hardware set up.

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Services we offer

  • Subsidized

    Many small industries urgently need Solar power for their business as the subsidies within this market are going to be substantially reduced. As well as receiving the Government subsidy, small Business can currently utilize the instant asset write-off of up to $20,000.

    Big power users can get as much as $38.000. There is also significant commercial property value increase.

  • Start Now, Pay Off Quickly

    The typical lifespan of a Solar Array is 25 to 35 yrs. Starting out on the Solar journey allows for a system to be paid off easily over a seven year period, and after this time, all of the Solar generated power is free.

    We would be happy to discuss how you can position your business or residential property to take advantage of this clean energy.

  • We will supply all over Melbourne

    Our staff have been trained to listen, discuss and advise on what options are available for both the residential and commercial customer.

    Off Grid Solar Melbourne will work toward optimizing your power savings using some of the new advanced tech innovations. Our aim is to improve your business bottom line. Give us a try Phone 1300 793 552.

  • Long Term

    We support you with a guarantee of the quality of construction we provide.

    We can provide you with a maintenance contract that allows for regular visits to assess the condition of the system we install. We most importantly provide you with a report and advice regarding your ongoing power usage for your business now and in the future.

  • Things are moving fast

    We plan for you to become one of our valued customers.

    Off Grid Solar Melbourne also undertake to keep you informed when there is something that you need to know that might be of use to you. We share the responsibility for the future. But then we all should do this. Please call us on       1300 793 552.

  • Financing Options
    for Solar Power

    There are two main forms for sale and construction. A Solar Operating Lease which is a fixed monthly amount for consuming electricity generated by your solar power system.

    A Power Purchase Agreement [ PPA ] is an agreement to purchase electricity generated by a solar panel system installed at your premises.

  • Commercial Energy Storage.

    The case for businesses to install battery storage at this point in time is to primarily reduce peak demand charges from mains grid electricity to their solar consumption profiles

    It is also to make the most of solar power to enable the consumer or business to have an autonomous power supply. Off Grid Solar is the best choice.

  • Why choose

    A solar system is designed to offset your power needs. An investment like this has a triple effect in the long run.

    It locks in your payment, protecting you against price escalation. In addition, it adds value to your property as well as generating clean power. Choosing solar is smart business. Contact Off Grid Solar Melbourne today on 1300 793 552.

  • Off Grid Solar power  Solutions Melbourne


    Every roof is different. There is an aspect to consider, as well as integration with existing facilities. The most economic design isn’t always the easiest way to do things.

  • Off Grid Solar power  Solutions Melbourne


    Installing a new more responsive more effective cheaper system of providing power often opens the door to a company’s accelerated development.

  • Off Grid Solar power  Solutions Melbourne


    Integration with existing services is important. Some of these services may need to be ungraded. It may be that…now is a good time. Give us a call.

  • Off Grid Solar power  Solutions Melbourne


    We are of course initially talking about a mitigation of costs. But there is the larger motive involved - the ability to do more for less in utilizing the current system is important.

  • Off Grid Solar power  Solutions Melbourne


    Off Grid Solar is a new set of tools. Achieving more with the same tools is always a consideration. The means to get more done and for less cost is now here.

  • Off Grid Solar power  Solutions Melbourne


    The internet, the oversight of a computer, the calibration and optimisation of software systems use, now combined with Solar Power is a game changer

  • Off Grid Solar power  Solutions Melbourne

    Socially Responsible

    If nothing else, its good PR to be seen as being socially responsible with regard to power usage. Solar power is cheaper too. But who can say no to getting a pat on the back?

  • Off Grid Solar power  Solutions Melbourne


    Financing, tax deductibility, getting more bang for our buck, rationalising the use of the ability to leverage these sorts of transactions - that’s our Offgrid Solar Solution.

  • Off Grid Solar power  Solutions Melbourne


    Be involved in the process. Have a look at the control software. Know what the bottom line is. We tell you what you need to know, so you can be involved in the process.

Solar Panel Plans
  • Residential

    2.5 KW

    10kwh a day


    Roof Coverage
    15 sq.m

  • Small Business

    15 KW

    63kwh a day

    22,995 kwh/yr

    Roof Coverage
    100 sq.m

  • Medium Business

    50 KW

    210kwh a day


    Roof Coverage
    336 sq.m

  • Large Business

    100 KW

    420kwh a day

    153,312 kwh/yr

    Roof Coverage
    700 sq.m


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